美国美女性感内衣 Our tool shop is outfitted with an advance manufacturing process such as Erowa tooling system, "zero-point" workpiece set-up concept and injection molding machines for development, testing and qualification of new molds ranging from prototype to high volume production molds.

Today, our tool shop have the ability and capacity to produce 100 to 120 tools per month with a total workforce of 600 experience technicians and tool makers. We are capable to produce over-mold, thin wall molding, double injection and packaging molds.

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The plastics shop management team came with many years of rich and practical experiences in plastics injection molding and capable of providing solutions to most kinds of high quality and precision molded plastics. Most of our current customers are well known multi-national companies from Japan, Europe and the Americas. We are committed to continuously improve our operations to become the best-in-class plastics injection manufacturer.

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The Finishing operations is equipped with a clean room environment and house advanced processing equipment which include but not limited to printing, painting and hot stamping. We have installed the state-of-art auto-paint lines with command higher capacity and process stability that deliver high quality performance.

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The SMT operations adopts advanced production techniques and modern management system mainly engaged in the Printed Circuit Boards Assemblies (PCBA) for consumer electronics products e.g. digital cameras, game controllers, mobile phones, and household appliances.

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The Assembly operations is well equipped to conduct large scale sub-assembly and full-assembly manufacturing for consumer electronics products and other household appliances equipment such as LCD TVs, remote controllers, DVD, modem, vacuum cleaner, air humidifier and purifier.

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Our warehouse is equipped with advanced warehousing equipment and system. The logistics team is well trained to ensure products are delivered to customers timely and safely, at all times!

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