dj韩国美女热舞现场mv: Plastics Injection

美国美女性感内衣 The plastics shop management team came with many years of rich and practical experiences in plastics injection molding and capable of providing solutions to most kinds of high quality and precision molded plastics. Most of our current customers are well known multi-national companies from Japan, Europe and the Americas. We are committed to continuously improve our operations to become the best-in-class plastics injection manufacturer. 

Continuous improvement is a way of life and deeply indoctrinated into the operations as a culture. All employees are strongly encouraged to think, suggest and improve the manufacturing processes that will improve quality, efficiency and reduce wastes. These actions had won many praises and recognition from our customers. The monthly quality performance chart displayed on each machine to measure the production efficiency and product quality is to provide on-line quality feedback and create the awareness of the urgent need for continuous quality improvement. In addition to this, the "Knowledge Promotion" board will post the dos and don’ts about housekeeping, product defects and the best practices relating quality improvement activities.


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